About Me

Credit for bee and flowers used in picture and logo goes to Renata. S at Freepik.com and credit for woman silhouette goes to Freepik

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved creating and crafting. With HGTV and competitive baking shows helping me hone style, I’ve been able to put a bit of myself into everything I’ve tried and sometimes succeeded in making.  Except back in August of 2017 I got a headache that hasn’t gone away. My whole life changed. I soon learned how much chronic pain can rule a life, and I’m still coping with my new normal every day. The one positive that I gained from my headache is realizing to take time to relax and enjoy every moment with friends and family.  

Some of my experiences include fairy gardens, melted crayons, props for theatre, and obsessive Pinteresting. While some of my favorite things include Star Wars, Disney, dark chocolate, my puppy Max-A-Million, and learning the history of the world. Everything on here I make while singing my heart out to Broadway musicals and trying my best to not go too overboard in my crafting extravaganza. 

Now I am creating this blog to share my designs and my perseverance through the days ahead with you.

                                 –  Bree