One day, my friend brought me a children’s picture book and it was titled Noah the Narwhal. This little book was about Noah who had chronic migraines and his strength when coping with this. The book made me cry and gave me a little mantra that Noah says in the book, “Today is not yesterday” and a healthy obsession with narwhals. Because of this “obsession,” I bought a little narwhal keychain but the chain broke away from the narwhal and I was left with this cute little figure. I decided to make her a home in a box that I could take with me on adventures, so here’s the rundown of her home.

This box is a lot larger than the last two travel buddy crafts I have shared and this cutie is one I made exclusively for myself and is not on sale on my Etsy. Because of the larger box, I decided to glue my buddy into place so she did not bang around and destroy her home if I ever do take her anywhere. This is also great for a desk ornament or just basic decorations.

I started with paint and popsicle flooring like normal. I cut up my floors in random areas to give a natural hardwood flooring look and painted it all white with a water downed paint so I did not lose the grooves I took so long creating. I then went ahead and painted the rest of the interior white and painted the outside of the box a deep ocean navy. If you cannot tell yet, we are going for a beach vibe. On the flip down part of the interior of the box, I painted the wood under the pebble beach white to create a base, and then uses several blues and a swirling effect with my brush to create an ocean with crashing waves. After painting I found that the box when closed would be stuck and had to sand down the little connector, but I did not cover up the sanding and just went with it as it presented a shabby beach vibe. I knew I wanted a feature wall and I decided trying my hand a wallpaper for the first time. I used scrapbooking paper and went for a vibrant yellow because its mine (and many others) color of happiness. It was a simple glue job. I did not have the best seams at the bottom of my wallpaper where it meets the floor so I added three pieces of yellow trim made out of popsicles. I really loved the trim and I have decided to include it in future projects as it adds a level of realism.

For the beach, I used pebbles instead of sand because I did not want to deal with gluing sand and then any excess getting into my miniature. I used clear guerilla glue and the important part of that is the word “clear.” To make the transition easier from the painted water to the raised pebbled beach I added some fluff you would use for pillows or stuffed animals. I twirled the fluff in my hand until it was a nice cylinder and applied it all along the beach as sea foam. I added some extremely small seashells to the shore and then one large, white conch and a plastic green binocular from my Polly Pocket toys of old.

The indoor décor was themed around a bedroom and desk for Nora. I used a tiny pink pillow I had from a Calico Critters set as the mattress and a piece cut off of an old blue lace shirt as the blanket. For the pillow, I used a very small sand dollar. I made the bed feel secluded and special with a corked glass jar leaning over the bed. Inside the jar was some pebbled from the beach, a blue shell, and a piece of parchment with fancy scribbles. I loved the message in the bottle look. I kept playing with this angle by putting three half marbles on the wall at the same angle of the bottle. They have a pink hint to them which went perfectly with the mattress and they remind me of bubbles. I then hung a strand of white beads over the bedroom area at a tilt to help designate the area and honestly if I do not add one hanging aspect I feel at a loss. On the wall by the bed, I put up two more artificial shells that had a purple and yellow sheen. I then framed them with silver charms? Honestly, I have no clue what they are but my mom found them at Michaels, and they are perfect for picture frames. I added little yellow details and imagined that Nora painted these on the walls which gave me a Rapunzel from Tangled vibe that I could not pass upon. I used a yellow marker on the wall, but for the white shell and paintbrush on the bed, I used real yellow paint. I just filled the shell and dipped the tip of the Polly Pocket brush in the paint and waited for them to dry.

On the other side of the miniature box, I went with a desk set up. I made the desk out of two pink spindles and one piece of turquois-green sea glass that drew in the color on my binoculars. The piece of sea glass was already triangle shaped and fit into the corner nicely but if you ever need to cut a piece to fit you can use tile cutters found in mosaic crafts. Just make sure to protect your eyes. On the desk I added a piece of paper with scribbled writing, a pencil, and a yellow book I made out of popsicle sticks and paper that says “Nora the Narwhal.” I’m thinking this is a sequel to Noah the Narwhal. I continued with the sea glass material by using tringle shaped pieces of two different blue colors as hanging shelves. They are supported by a wild amount of super glue. I outfitted the shelves with a purple clay jar with moss glued down and hanging over the sides, a piece of white corral, a green-ish plastic rubber ducky from my….. Polly Pocket’s, and a piece of tiny gemstone from all those times my Mom caved and took us kids gem hunting on our trips to the mountains. I added on the floor another purple shell and an oval piece of cut-up jeans as a carpet. I used a piece of cork that had a slight angle as the chair for Nora. I found a whole bag of cork at beach shop when we went once to Panama City which was the perfect investment since I use so little and it had some many diverse shapes.

I then added to the top of the box I yellow-ish sea star that I had painted a while back as a pottery place. it matched the wallpaper wonderfully. I also painted the fold-down area with the quote “Today is not yesterday” as a little reminder for myself. The final touch was Nora. I added the flower crown to her head that perfectly reflected the color schemes of her little home. the crown was a Barbie accessory. I know shocker that it was not from Polly Pocket. I cut it up and glued it down.

I really adore Nora and I’m pretty happy that I got to create a beach themed mini for myself because the other one I made I sold. I actually used my last piece of white string beads on this project and found out that these beads came from my Mom and Dad’s wedding which just makes them more special. I really hope you enjoyed my little miniature and maybe inspired you to check out the book Noah the Narwhal especially if you know a little kid struggling with some version of chronic pain.