I’m really happy to announce that I have opened an Etsy shop. My handle for the Etsy shop is copingthrucrafting and I will soon find a way to attach the shop as a permanent link to this blog. I decided to finally make an Etsy shop for my miniatures because I recently had the idea to focus on creating travel buddies for sale because it would allow me to make a bunch of diverse miniatures for different themes and fandoms. I have so far collected buddies to make homes for from Star Wars, Disney, Pokémon, Calico Critters, and Marvel. This little travel buddy I am showcasing was one I used to start my shop and was my first Etsy sale only a few days ago. So, for celebration of this accomplishment I thought I would share him here.

For Pua’s travel buddy house I started by picking out a box which you can find at most crafting stores. I wanted to go with a beach theme that matched the aesthetic of the movie and picked out colors that reminded me of Moana. I went with white, orange, and two variations of an aqua. The painting of this little box actually took more time than I expected due to all the different colors and all the different places they were used. I used the lighter blue color on the back of the inside and put the darker color on the border to add dimension. I decided to have the box be standing up for the inside house and on the deeper side I made this the main living area. I added a partition to the space due to the height of Pua. This allowed me to create a bunk bed type of feature. I used a piece of Popsicle stick and then covered it with white yarn to help promote the beach feeling.

For decorating the top area which I deemed the bed, I made a button pillow which is where I use a button, some fluff, fabric or choice, and glue to create a rounded pillow. I picked out an orange flower fabric that reminded me of the flower on Pua’s head and the orange of the outside of the box. On the other end of the bed I included a fake sea shell and a piece of cork. I like to imagine them as novelty pillows (the best kind of pillows honestly give that an Etsy search.)

Underneath the bed, on the ground floor, I decided to glue down actual sand to create a sandy floor. Using the real resource like this adds such a wonderful texture to the mini. I did this on both sides of the box. I continued with the sand by applying it to a sandcastle I shaped out of clay, baked, and then covered in glue and sand. I love making clay sandcastles and they do not have to be perfect when you are sculpting because the sand covers up imperfections. On the floor I also added a real seashell and a blue plastic Polly Pocket camera from my childhood. Hanging from the bed, I string together shells and beads. I absolutely adore adding hanging elements and, although, it was a hassle to secure, it adds a nice element.

On the other side of the main living area there was some room to play around in the lid of the box. I made out of yellow sea glass a sun and glued it into place and added a pink plastic shovel and some colorful seashells to carry my pops of color around the box.

The final touches of the inside of this miniature would be the pictures, quote, and washi tape. I picked out screenshots from the actual movie Moana of the Te Fiti island, Pua with Hei Hei on his head, and Pua on this boat with Moana. I thought it would be cute to include pictures because of the camera I featured in the scene. I also printed out the Moana quote “There’s just no telling how far I’ll go.” I also spruced up the walls with some orange washi tape to bring the orange on the outside in. These have polka dots on them and I did them it sets of two stripes. Using mixed media like this is a great way introduce new factors into your designs.

Since the purpose of this craft is for Pua to be a travel buddy, I wanted to make sure he had good places to stand inside the miniature. I left the area next to the shovel open for him to sit and I made sure he would be able to sit or lay down in the bed area. This way the box can be closed up and secure for when he is on an adventure. Finally, on the outside of the box I painted on the quote “Come what may, I know the way” and Maui’s hook.

I am so happy with how cute this little miniature turned out and I am absolutely blown away that Pua sold so quickly on Etsy and will have a new home. I cannot believe that someone who knows nothing about me will have one of my miniature creations. I love the idea of spreading creativity I just never thought of it spreading so literally across the country. I know Pua is going to a Disney loving home and I hope he brings a lot of joy in the future and gets to go on an adventure.