A piece of leftover balsa wood can become something extraordinary. I find more and more that my “blank canvases” or inspirations for a creation can be anything from a button to a name. For this little cutie it was the backing of an old wooden picture frame that I painted bright orange when I was in elementary school. I was younger and sillier then and did not paint this back support piece since no one would ever see it. I was getting rid of the old picture frame when I decided to up cycle the backing into something I could cherish. You hear stories all the time of refurbished barn wood, so here’s my spin on that into a fairy door.

Wow process photos. Maybe I am a real craft blogger.

I started by making the rectangular piece of wood rounded at the top. I used my dull X-Acto knife which really did extend the time limit on this craft. Why haven’t I sharpened my knife? I have no clue but I would recommend taking better care of your supplies if you are reading this. My gluttonous and punished self will continue with my sad knife. I then broke out my draws and tubs that carry my various crafting supplies for miniature making. Ever since I got draws and little cubbies that can hold all my different materials, I have found life a lot easier when it comes to searching for the right item. After playing around I settled on a steampunk theme for the door that matched my mother’s dining room theme. She has been a little obsessed with anything metal and old so I decided to create this door to be put up in the dinning room. I used a mixture of real coins from Canada, America, and Britain to create the base. I also used a fake coin called an “Angel in my Pocket” that we sometimes get in the mail from different charities asking for another donation. I then added cogs of various sizes my mom had given me from one of her steampunk crafts to made for her dining room. I used two large clock arms to frame the collection of copper, silver, and bronze. Finally, I picked out a star shaped bead to be the door knob. I took a picture of my display (seen above) to help me remember where they went.

The next step was to add texture and paint. I used long skewers to make a frame around the door piece. I had two long pieces for the straight sides. To curve the skewers around the top of the door I would cut tiny pieces off that would lay flat of the curve. It looked fragmented but I thought it added an interesting dimension almost like stones around an archway. I used superglue and it is fair to say I got a lot on my fingers but that is part of the fun of using superglue. Next, I painted. I went for a dark brown on the door and a navy on the edging. I tried to dirty up the edges by using the dark brown paint with a mix of water to make a stain. This make the navy not so vibrant.

Navy is a go to color for a lot of my fairy crafts and I am not always sure why.

The next wonderful steps to this process was to glue down the coins and gears. I used a mix of hot glue and superglue to make sure everything was supported. After I finished this I decided the door needed more dimension and I added skewers as paneling. When cutting the skewers try your best to cut the tips at an angle to match the rounding of the door frame and to sit safely on the detailed coins. I believe I then took the picture to help myself remember which skewer went where. I painted the skewers an even darker brown than the door to make them stand out and glued them in place with my ol’ pal superglue.

The fairy door in its natural element but not its home.

Of course, I had a few more secrets up my sleeve to make sure the door popped. I actually went back and repainted the navy siding to make it more vibrant. Sometimes you have to be flexible with your vision and backtrack when something is not sitting right. I painted inside the “Angle in my Pocket” coin the same navy blue which really allowed the coin to stand out. I added moss at various points of the door to connect it more to nature. I used both light and dark moss to make it look more realistic. I recommenced in investing in several color mosses for this reason and they are easy to keep in an enclosed bag, but they are smelly when opened. I used a tiny bird I got from Hobby Lobby in a large grouping to sit on top of the door frame. My last detail, a tiny pot you can find in the wood section at most craft stores, painted the navy, filled with moss, and one little red mushroom you can find in the miniature section at Michaels.

I hope you enjoyed this little post about this little door. To think I have written two posts for my blog in one week. This is Probably a record for me. I am currently working on at least two Christmas in July posts which I’m going to start updating the site with next week. Being stuck at home has given me a lot of time and I’m happy to be sharing some of that with you. I placed this little fairy door in the dinning room sitting above a doorway. To make sure it stayed in place I used two command strips and it has been safe up there for a few months now. Stay safe and create something amazing.