Hot Dog!

My family had a nice Disney trip planned to take place during spring break this year. We were all set to start packing and head down to the House of Mouse. We were going to stay at a Disney Hotel (a real splurge for us), get to hang out with family we had not seen in some months, and got to the new Star Wars park in Hollywood Studios. Then the worries of Covid-19 struck and my family started to consider whether or not it was safe to travel. Before we could come to our own decision, Disney made it for us and announced the parks closing the day we were set to arrive.

This is a pretty typical story now in our virus ridden world. Travels have bee canceled along with celebrations and a whole lot of plans spanning from eating out to getting out of town. For a lot of people vacations seem farther away than normal. I had this idea with my family to create a vacation fund for our future when we do finally get to see Mickey, all his friends, and all my family. This way we save up for our trip and still have something to keep us hopeful. So, here’s a quick afternoon craft perfect for kids or all ages of Disney lovers.

Close up on Series 2 LEGO Mickey. This figure comes from a blind bag with lots of adorable Disney LEGO figures. (You can kind of feel through the bag to help find the character you want)

To start, you are going to need supplies. One large mason jar is really the only must you need for a savings bank and you can decorate with anything you have laying around. I did not buy anything new for this project but I know I have a lot more crafting items “laying around” as compared to most. The supplies I used were different colors felt, two different ribbons, hot glue, buttons, markers, paper, miniature money, and a LEGO Disney figure. I got the inspiration for my design based off of the Disney figure I picked out for the jar topper. If you do not have any cute Disney figures you can find some in any and all toys aisle at toys. Mystery packs for your favorite movie or character are cheap and can create a fun challenge because you will not know the theme until you open the box.

Back view.

I used a LEGO Steamboat Willie which is all monochromatic colors. I decided to glue him to the top of my mason jar and used felt to cover up the copper colored lid. I used red on the flat lid and gray on the top of the side lid that secures the jar. I covered the rest of the lid with a black and white polka dot ribbon I had scraps left of and then used another scrap to create a box. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, textures, and even patterns for some crafts. All of this was attached with some simple hot glue. For the Mickey buttons I scoured my button jars grays and blacks. All my buttons were not the same and the differences found in the ears from the head added an eclectic energy to the jar. I placed them sporadically around the jar with, of course, hot glue. My last detail was a little label for the bottom of the jar. I used a piece of tiny fake money you can get in most miniature sections in craft stores. It comes with a range of bills and is probably a good inch long. I used one piece and wrote out Disney in my red pen as a pop of color. In translation, Disney Money.

I wish I had a real $100 and not a miniature one.

I hope you liked this little craft and I hope it inspires you to find a creative way to save up your money. Maybe if you are saving to go to France you can find a mini Eiffel Tower topper to replace Mickey or maybe if you are saving for a road trip you can put a little hot wheels car on top. Now, the easy part is making it, sticking to saving the money for your dreams is a little harder but I believe in you. As you can see I already have $15 dollars saved and counting.