With all the uncertainty of the recent months and the incapability to visit family, friends, or even a grocery store, it is important to stay in touch. My mom and I wanted to send cards to all our family members who were celebrating their birthdays recently like we always do, but we did not feel secure going to a store to pick up and read a bunch of cards before making a choice. We came up with this lovely idea and after some Pinterest browsing discovered lots of wonderful ideas to send a special message. This is also a great craft to do with kids to help keep them busy this summer and you can, of course, make designs that are not birthday themed.

The supplies you should look for are envelopes, cardstock, washi tape, colored pencils, markers, and pens, and some decorative paper if you have any from scrapbooking. I also used some twine I have from my fairy gardens for one of the designs.

Make sure to start by cutting your cardstock to fit into the envelopes you have and you can decide here if you want a folding card or postcard. You’ll want to design something special for the recipient so you can always take their likes in mind or follow the simple design I present.

For this first card, my mom designed it. She focused on showing off some cool flower paper we had and added a border of bee-themed washi tape to keep the garden feel. We then colored one of the roses to add a pop. One good idea my mom had was continuing the design on the inside of the card.

On the inside of the card, she used the same paper and washi tape. She also included a cutout message to celebrate that she found in our creative memories supplies. This way blends a lot of different supplies into one cute card.

Another card we designed used only snippets of paper that were featured in the last card. We wanted to make a sweet message and used overlapping colors and designs to pull off the vibrant front. We wrote inside the card about how all these qualities applied to the recipient and we found it to be a very whimsical design. This is showing one way you can use just colorful paper if you do not have washi tape.

For our next card, we tried a washi tape design. I wanted to make a cake but was trying very had to not make it too girly for my father. I picked a variety of washi tape that could add up to more rustic that cute and layered them with staggering lengths. I used a snippet of one washi tape that had a quote about an adventure to be a cake top and then worked down from there in my mind. What is great about this is if you center it more in the middle of the page to start, you can add more to the top or bottom before achieving the design you desire. I finished off the card by drawing a cake stand and adding a candle on top with markers.

Another design that is pretty gender-neutral is this adorable candle card. This card was made for my Poppop by my mom. She lined up different sized candles of different patterned washi tapes. I would not say they all have to be cut evenly because the candles are lit. My mom then finished this design by using the markers to draw on flames and she colored hers in as compared to my card.

Lastly, I made a banner card. I cut out a piece of twine and used washi tape to make little flags with different widths due to the size of the washi tape. I simply folded a piece over and cut out slits. I hot glued the twine in place and added to the card boxes to look like presents. Then I tied a bow out of twine and hot glued that down too to carry my textures throughout the whole card. On the inside, I used the washi tape again to add a pop of color and the whole project was finished.

Overall, the cards took my mom and me part of an afternoon to make and we enjoyed sitting together and listening to music. We owned a cute little stamp that declared the card was handmade (as if you could not tell) and stamped the back. It was a nice way to pass time and brighten people’s day. It is now more important than ever to make sure people know they are still loved and being considered so maybe try sending a card for fun just to say hello and that you believe in them.