Another Adventure in Polymer Clay

The groundhog on Groundhog Day better known around the world as my Mother’s birthday declared to all of the two options that it is going to be an early spring this year. Which was not much of a surprise if you live anywhere in the South. Although, I could not help but feature a winter craft here mainly because I fell away from posting on this blog and my Instagram during the holiday months. So, here was a quick creation and another adventure in polymer clay.

Some people save snow in their freezer, but I have less conventional ways and no real snow.

A long time ago now, if I can apply that to something only a few months ago, my uncle who loves sculpting and models decided to transfer over to air-dry clay for better stability and gifted me all of his Sculpey. I have a nice organized bin now of little bunches of clay that features the colors of the rainbow and it is perfect. All my miniature creations are so small that this clay will last me years. My sister and I decided to break out our cache and, as she made a pokemon, I made this little scene. I wanted to use up some old miniatures I have had for a few years now and I found this snow and wintery tree set from two Christmas back. I believe my mom had found this at Micheals, but due to its age, I doubt you would find it. The bottle I had just gotten for Christmas in 2019 from my brother and his girlfriend who kindly gave me a whole grab bag of miniatures they had found at Michaels. Let me take a moment to swoon over this Christmas present. There were about 12 different miniatures all by Artminds that were each individually wrapped in tissue paper to cause me a lot of unwrapping but also a lot of surprises. One of the items they gave me was this tiny glass bottle and cork which my brother picked out. His girlfriend was quite confused about why he chose it and he simply replied that I would be probably able to do something interesting with it. Well, it only took me a week to do “something interesting” as compared to my mom’s Christmas miniatures from two years ago. But that’s the fun of it, collecting and then discovering the perfect home for your miniatures.

Now that the scene is set and all my memories overpoured, here is the real clay adventure. I decided to keep it easy. I picked out a snowman that I tried to keep very small to keep in scale with the trees. Keep in mind that even though I did not provide a scale picture, the whole bottle with the cork and all is about three inches tall. I rolled out three white balls of varying sizes for the snowman and attached them with the scratch method. I then had to mic clays to get the perfect carrot color and I practiced rolling this into a cone shape. I tried to etch lines into the top of the carrot to add texture which I find to be one of the most important parts of clay pieces. I then rolled out four black balls for two coal eyes and buttons. In the end, I just attached everything and baked for about 15 minutes to create my little snowman buddy.

He does not need a hat because he does not conform to your standards.

To create the winter wonderland scene, I turned the glass bottle upside down to have the cork as the base and then poked three holes in my cork to be the insertions for the trees. I tried to vary the heights of the trees for a more realistic feel. Then I glued down my snowman and used clear Guerrilla Glue as a light layer on top of the cork for the snow to stick in place. I did not glue the glass to the cork so it is able to be altered if I ever get the fancy, but it is still quite sturdy. Overall, I am so proud of this little cutie and obviously I need to name this snazzy snowman. Probably something respectful like Stephen as compared to his cousin Frosty. I gifted this little guy to my mother to add to her Christmas snowman collection which just goes to show how presents that inspire creativity like the miniatures, clay, and bottle always leed to something greater than just one person.

Now its time to make some Valentine’s Day crafts just in time to not post them for Valentine’s Day.