2019 was a wonderful year with a big milestone for me and my crafting. I was featured at a local library in town for a whole two months. I have never had my work on display before except for that one time in fourth grade but I’m not sure that counts. This was a wonderful learning experience and showed me how much I have created and that my work is good enough to go on display.

I was recommended by a friend to the library and I got contacted asking if I would be interested in displaying. There were two open display cases each with three shelves and I at first thought I would only be able to fill one case, but as I expanded my thinking from only miniature fairy gardens to all my crafts, I was able to fill up both cases. I collected my travel buddy craft, teacup fairy garden, my sister’s video game fairy garden, my Hobbiton in the sand, original fairy garden, my Animal Farm set design model, and my newest miniature Christmas scene to show off my miniature work. It was also important to me that I included some of my melted crayon art pieces from four years ago. For this, I included a piece that had crayon pieces explode out from a heart, a flower bouquet piece, and a rainbow-inspired 12×12 canvas piece. I also included two miniature canvas versions of my crayon art and melted crayon ornaments in glass balls. The only other creative piece I could produce for the case were my two string art flower jars.

Sorry for the lower picture quality than normal. The fluorescent lights did not lend to amazing photography.

As I collected all these different pieces it made me remember everything I have created that I gave away. As a crafter, I love to create little pieces of happiness, but I found the real joy in giving these pieces a home. Sometimes this home is with me and more often than not, it is not within walking distance. To help represent these pieces out of my grasps, I printed out pictures to add to the display. I had a whole section of beach-inspired crafts pictures with the two lighthouses I had made and the beach fairy garden I made on commission. I also included my Winnie-the-Pooh fairy garden housed with my brother and the birdhouse turned fairy home I gave to one of my aunts. As I picked out all of these pictured they reminded me how far I have come in crafting and all the wonderful items I have created, and of course, they helped fill up the two display cases.

Another interesting aspect I got to wrangle with was designing the cases. Beforehand, I had spent time imagining what items I wanted to bring to help decorate the case besides my crafting pieces. Not all displays will allow you to decorate in this way, but my local library was far from strict. I decided to include a fairy book I have had since I was young that had a whole spread dedicated to fairy gardens. I also brought my four fairy figurines that always watch over my crafting table and a little fairy door I had decorated. Finally, I also brought along one of my superior buttons I won for the Animal Farm set design because a little bragging is always a little bit too much fun.

If you are interested in seeing any of my pieces in better detail, be sure to check out my other blog posts and some of the upcoming blog posts.

I wanted my overall display to showcase my work, but ultimately promote crafting. I wanted to inspire anyone who saw my creations to think, “I could do something like that” because nothing is more fun that making with your own hands. To help achieve this I included some quick little typed up cards explaining who I was and the creations. I made sure to mention the type of craft they were looking at so it was easily Pinterest-able and to give a little summary. Some of my cards read: “Melted Crayon Art- A creative way to reuse old crayons. Use a hairdryer to heat up crayons and make pictures.” “String Art- Combine nails and string to make anything you can imagine.” “Teacup Fairy Garden- Find a teacup and saucer and turn it into a fairy dwelling.”

At the end of the day, or the two months I was on display, I am extremely proud of the work I put into this process and the patients I had while my collection of pretty things left empty spaces all around my home. Every piece I have made, no matter the medium, has provided me with calm moments, a learning curve, and a whole lot of pride. I hope my display inspired at least one person to take some time and be creative and I hope this blog post will inspire you to keep creating because you never know who might enjoy what you do and who you might bring a smile to besides yourself. I think my favorite part about this experience was when I went back to claim my pieces and one of the librarians came up and asked if I was “The Artist.” I never thought of myself before as an artist and the word gave me so much joy. She then proceeded to lighten my heart as she thanked me for allowing the library to have my items on display and said it was so wonderful and whimsical that a lot of kids had the hands and faces pressed up the glass. And although that was never the reason I created these pieces, it has become a really good reason to continue.