And my new dedication to this blog

It is 2020, a new decade, the same me, and the same blog. My blog is officially 1 year old but I did not celebrate it with cake or streamers. I know in many ways I have neglected my blog, but not crafting. I now have so many crafts and so little posts. Therefore, with it being a new year, I decided to focus more of my energy into my little blog, share more of my creations and inspirations. Not many people may read my blog or ever read it, but I love my little online journal and I am just going to keep putting work into it for myself. Now with that introductory disclaimer out of the way, I would like to make my first inspiration post about myself and my story.

2019 gave me plenty of hills and wonderful plateaus. I went to my first miniaturist show, I got showcased in a local library, had my first commission, collaborated for a friend’s album cover, took a photography class, made many a fairy gardens, started learning how to make creations out of polymer clay, and competed in a theatre competition with one of my own set designs. All of these things were amazing moments in my crafting career, but where are the posts? The records of my shinning and not-so-polished achievements? All of these moments and more I look forward to featuring on here soon, but we must be patient a little longer because my little hands cannot click and clack on this keyboard for too long as my craft room calls my name.

Of course, 2019 still provided me with headaches, failed treatments, and tiring days, but I wouldn’t trade one of these away because each day teaches me and helps me grow. Recently I wrote a little story about my headache for a competition and was reminded by this action that being creative never needs to be limited by a medium. I have always loved writing short stories or poems and was reminded that these could also be posted on here as a source of inspiration or creation. Here is my story called Midge. I hope it inspires you to tell your story in whatever form you enjoy.

I have a migraine- the crucial word in that phrase being the connector “a.” I have one migraine, nuisance, or whatever my next neurologist might diagnose it. Chronic migraine sufferers will see at least fifteen days with visits from the Mias, Michaels, Michelles, or the notorious Miguels, but I only have one guest in the head; a hearty lady named Midge. The first day Midge came, I deemed a fluke, the next she strolled in without knocking, and the third I claimed her intrusive, abusive and not a habit to establish. So naturally, Midge, in her hospitality, decided to stay for the next two years and counting. I awoke that Sunday morn, and so did Midge, aching a welcoming as my constant migraine.
Midge is no spring chicken. The last time she was “young” and “sweet,” great ladies of faint heart still carried smelling salts. Midge also cares none for electricity bills; thirty-two degrees is her ideal temperature. She lives a simple life of nagging and sees fit that I too should live simply unless I desire her banging pans and slamming doors. Of course, with Midge squatting in my loft I have found silver linings. She’s good at escaping unwanted social events, we both adore lavender aroma, and sleep like it’s nobody’s business. Midge shows me that it’s more important to take time for little things in life rather than worry about big ones and in a way, I find Midge with her oddities has opened my eyes to a world I was hurrying by with that American go-getter lens. So, one day, if Midge ever finds another place or retires from her crooked ways, I’ll have my head back, hang the no vacancy sign, and thank her for helping me get out from being stuck in my mind.

– 2019

In conclusion, I wanted to write this new year post (on January 10th of course because that makes sense) to say thank you if you read and thank you for coming on these journeys with me because I have a lot more planned for 2020 and on. So, find your pen, paintbrush, glue, laptop, clay, 3d printer, or whatever you use to express yourself and let’s continue coping through crafting.

Me at the Biltmore in 2019. I love and miss those Jungle Book Vans… and those sunglasses too, taken too soon from us.

If you have any recommendations for crafts or posts you would like please feel free to comment or contact me.