I went to the beach some time ago now and while looking around at antique and boutique shops, I saw the cutest art form- sea glass and pebble art. Most of the pictures were framed and would include some type of pebble, sea glass, or sometimes even driftwood to create a picture. They would also many times use a black pen to draw faces or any detail and maybe include a quote. I recommend looking this up on Pinterest if you’re interested. Anyway, I thought it would be so much fun to try myself and low and behold, the antique store also sold bags of sea glass. So, here I was, almost six months later with two bags of sea glass and no idea what to do with them; as with most of my ambitious ideas, they became clutter and not art. I decided one day to just dump out the bags and see what came to mind and truly a eureka moment hit me. I had many different colors, but I was drawn to the green ones and kept dreaming of plants. I made tiny plants, big plants, rows of plants, but none of it was right. It was not until I looked around at all the other crafting supplies and miniatures I had for fairy gardens that I discovered I could use a piece of a tiny pot my dad had broken long before. When that pot went down, I instantly knew what I wanted to make and it all just came together.

Anyway, the supplies I used for this project was quite simple, as long as you have sea glass. If not just chuck a cup in the ocean and see how that turns out. I am joking that is for sure considered littering. I also got a frame on sale from Micheals, I wanted one with a nice bumped up edge, I used a strip of washi tape, glue and a piece of paper that I printed on.

I started by laying out my design and tried to layer the sea glass to give a better 3D effect. After I knew what I wanted for the focal point of the picture, I decided what to do with the empty space. I made this picture for my sister’s birthday because she is a big fan of plants, so I picked a quote that would mean a lot to her. I wanted an inspirational quote but not something that was too complimentary, but you, of course, may do you. The quote I picked was from the musical Next to Normal and reads, “Day after day, give me clouds and rain and gray, give me pain if that’s what’s real, it’s the price we pay to feel.” I downloaded a free typewriter font to my computer for this quote and I measured the frame and placement of my fake succulent to figure out where to place the quote on the word document to be correct when printed. I also had patience, so if you are in low supply of this in your craft room I recommend you measure twice unlike me, my folly, and my four misprints. I also recommend you print this out on cardstock since it will have a lot of weight on it.

Once you have your background paper, and only once you have your background paper, you can start gluing. I started by taking the glass out of my picture frame, now you have some fun glass to chuck into the ocean (no). I then glued my page with quote down in the corners to the back of the frame for support just in case. Then go-ahead and warm up your hot glue gun because you totally forgot to plug that in beforehand, and apply some to your broken pot. Try your best to center it. I tried to glue the broken pot down at the top two corners onto the paper and the bottom to the frame. After I use hot glue on a project like this, I like to go over weak points with a longer setting super glue because two is better than one broken project. I then started to glue my sea glass pieces down one at a time from the bottom, up. I just brushed on super glue to the whole back of these pieces and I had about three layers to do. This did not take long to set and gave the glass a nice frosted look that I enjoy but did not plan. After everything was glued in place I decided to embellish the picture with a strip of gold washi tape on each side of the pot to provide some perspective and pull the pot out from the white paper. I decided not to draw or add any other miniatures to this piece because I thought it would be more impactful if simplistic, so there it is and I would like to say that I made this a leaning picture and not for the wall at first because I did not know how heavy it would be, but now that it is glued I do trust it on the wall.

What I hope you learned from this post, and I should say sorry for not posting more recently on here, is that somedays you should just set aside your big projects, dig through your craft supplies, and see what sparks your interest because you never know what you might make. Of course, I still have a bag full of sea glass, but I’m not saying to hurry up and use your supplies, just appreciate the forgotten pieces. I am so proud of this picture and I cannot wait to try making more 3D art because it really was a fun process, easy to personalize, and it did not take more than an afternoon. So go dig through your stuff and tell me what amazing pieces of art you make.