Tiny homes are on the rise and fairies are joining the craze. This one-room home functions fully as a place to rest and create while embracing the great outdoors.

About a year ago I found an adorable teacup at a garage sale cheap as chips and fell head over heels for it. I had recently discovered teacup fairy gardens on the oh so wonderful Pinterest site and this red beauty was my chance to indulge in the miniature version of miniatures. Most teacup designs I’ve seen though either have the teacup standing up with plants and details or laying on the side like mine. I decided to make the actual teacup a home instead of just a way to display items on top, but feel free to get wild with your designs.

Since I was making a fairy home I needed to figure out what my fairy was like who was going to live there. I know I’ve spoken on this before, but it truly is the best part. It’s important to make a friend out of your fairy and get to know them so the house can be perfect and unique. For this fairy, I got my inspiration from the teacup itself. Its red traditional England design made me imagine that this fairy was an artist who drew and painted like the picture on the teacup except this fairy was going through her “blue period” artistically.

To start the design I glued down the teacup to the saucer and added patches of moss. I usually use two different colors moss to add more diversity in shading and made sure to have the moss perfectly transition into the teacup. I decided to make all the furniture and details out of crafting supplies I already had. Sorry, Micheals and Hobby Lobby. I decided to make a tiny bed one side and a desk on the other. The bed is made out of fabric swatches with the pillow and top blanket the same flowery pattern. The desk on the other side is just a piece of wood dyed brown.

I love the reflection found on the fairy light. Not to brag or anything.

I dressed the table with my favorite piece, a teacup that has the same type of design as my regular red teacup but in blue and miniature. This was originally a charm from the Pemberley Blue Tea Set Charms set by Bead Landing that comes with two teacups, two saucers, two spoons, and a sugar bowl. I found the charm set at Michaels and I really recommend looking for it because there are plenty more designs for miniatures. I also used the sauce on this shelf for holding a bread roll, a wedge of cheese, and a miniature knife. For the little blue teacup, I filled it with Elmer’s glue dyed brown due to paint. It will dry down to a lower level so you will need to do this two to three times so the teacup looks full. In between the teacup and plate of food I have a stack of drawings with the sketch of a flower on top and a miniature pencil. The drawing is just cut up paper that I actually drew and the pencil is a toothpick painted yellow with a cut up pink eraser on top. This is the third time I have made a mini pencil and I love them.

I also made light to glue to the top of the teacup. The light is made out of a big acorn top with a half marble. I’m not exactly sure where you would get a half marble I just happened to have some from when I was younger. The half marble makes the light look like the ones in the Tinkerbell movies that use water drops as glass imitations. The acorn top was then glued to a brown button so it would be easier to attach to the top of the teacup.

There are four different colors on the artist pallet. Red, yellow, blue white. There are also three coats of white paint on the canvas covering up my first two tries at painting mini flowers. When in doubt paint over it and get your sister do the rest.

The main feature of my fairy garden was the easel with a painting that the fairy had recently started. The easel was made out of miniature popsicle sticks glued together like a tripod and stained brown. The canvas was made out of actual canvas material that I cut off of a failed art project. I then made a rectangular frame out of the small popsicle sticks and glued the canvas down and around the edges. Using this material just made the miniature look so much more real. I then sketched onto the canvas the same flower design that can be seen on the bottom of the red teacup. After I penciled it out I had my sister go back and paint part of it in blue because I do not have the steadiest hand. So thank you to her again. In front of the easel, I made a stool for the fairy out of a Coca-Cola cap and a small wooden barrel you can find at craft stores in the wood section. On top of the stool, I put an artist pallet and paint brush. The artist pallet was made out of a popsicle stick. I cut it out even with its curves with an X-acto knife although when I tried to cut the hole for the thumb I did split the pallet, that’s what glue is for. The brush was made out of a toothpick and actual bristles glued onto the tip from a paintbrush I had ruined. I then put some blue paint on the tip of the paintbrush and called it a day.

The fairy wing featured on the drawing is considered a self portrait by the fairy who lives here. Yes that is one of her wings and she is very proud of it.

Some other minor details I included in this fairy garden are the potted plants. Outside of the teacup, I have two navy blue pots with red mushrooms and moss while on the inside of the teacup I have a fancier pot. The plant inside this pot was a clipping from a bouquet of fake flowers which is a great way to find plants for miniatures. I also included in the design of animal friends. The bird on top of teacup and the snail in front of the rock adds personality and gives the fairy lots of company. Over the teacup opening, I strung white beads and added some moss on the top of the teacup. Beads are always a wonderful addition as they just add a bunch of cheer. One of my favorite parts of the artist fairy are the drawings that I sketched out for the fairy seen on the teacup sides. I made several drawings all based around items in the fairy garden or on the teacup. There are drawings of the snail named Sami, the bird named Hawkeye (yes I’m on a Marvel high), the mushroom, the tiny plant, swans, a fairy wings, and flowers.

The final addition I made to this teacup were the brown stickers that write out “Believe and Create.” I had these stickers from a packet of word stickers and just hot glued them onto the edge of the saucer. I absolutely love this detail and I think the saying is going to be my new fairy garden motto because if you haven’t noticed yet, I like fairy gardens. I always tell my aunt to believe, so it has just stuck with me, and I love to create. What more could someone need?

So that’s it. That is my first teacup fairy garden and let me emphasize first. I have a dream of making a whole village of teacup houses with each fairy representing a different hobby. There would be a librarian fairy, a musician, a baker, a gardener, maybe even a crafter. I guess what I’m saying is I need to find more teacups and keep your eyes peeled for more cuties.