The final set-up of my Easter fairy garden items with their fairy house.

Back in the summer of 2018 I made a fairy garden house for my aunt. It was made out of a tall birdhouse and specially decorated inside and out in my aunt’s favorite colors and hobbies. I still have not featured the house yet on this blog, but I am going to showcase now some of the smaller items I have made to decorate the house for this Easter holiday. These items that I made go outside and around the house to add a special scene for the fairy and are able to be packed away for next year. I hope you enjoy and gain wonderful ideas in ways to bring holiday cheer to your fairy.

My little picnic table making me proud.

I started by making the picnic table out of popsicle sticks. This table is not an Easter specific decoration, so it will hopefully stay out the whole year as a platform for more seasonal decorations. The table is actually pretty easy to make. I’m usually scared when it comes to making furniture from scratch, but this one was a breeze. A reference picture from online is a very helpful tool and besides that, I used an X-Acto knife, scissors, and sandpaper. For the wood, I used two different sizes of popsicle sticks, the large traditional ones for the table top and benches, the smaller ones for the legs and connecting wood. Cutting these out with an X-Acto knife will give you a straighter line and if any rough edges appear to make sure to use your sandpaper. Hot glue should do the job or any other glue. Finally, I stained it brown by wetting down Walmart cheap paint. Make sure to figure out how to scale your table to your fairy garden house, or not because most fairies are not picky.

My set-up of the items I made before shipping them off to their home.

For the Easter decorations, I decided on three baskets full of eggs. Two of my baskets are handmade while the third was from some Polly Pocket type toy when I was younger. To make your own baskets I recommend to start by finding something small and round. The larger basket I used a water bottle cap for and the smaller one was a wooden bowl found a bag of bowls at Hobby Lobby in the wood section. I love these bowls and use them in many of my designs so I strongly support buying a bag for any miniature project. To cover the containers I used twine wound around the lid or bowl and glued down. The handle was then another piece of twine looped over. To fill the basket I put a small layer of moss just like the confetti type material in normal Easter baskets and then decorated eggs.

I should start by saying the eggs were painted and designed by my sister. To get the egg shape, I found at Hobby Lobby in the dollhouse miniature section a bag of one dozen brown eggs. These were perfect and made my job a lot easier. My sister painted them in a variety of pastel colors and then added fun designs to about half of them. It took a small paintbrush and quite some patience, but it was worth it. The eggs then went into the prepared baskets and onto some grass patches. The grass patches are little wooden disks, painted green, with glued down moss and eggs on top. A very simple design but great for placing around the house to look like eggs are hidden for an Easter egg hunt.

The last item I specifically made was a silly box of nonpareils, my aunt’s favorite candy, for the big basket. I made this by cutting a small piece of balsa wood off in a rectangular shape. I then printed out a picture of the candy and glued that down in the middle of the piece of wood. I then covered the wood in white printer paper to make it look like a cardboard box you could buy from a chocolate shop. To finish out the design, I cut a piece of plastic out of a sandwich bag the size of the nonpareils on my fake box. I then used minimal hot glue to stick it down on top to give off a plastic coating look. This is harder to see in the pictures, but a great technique to use for trying to achieve the look of plastic. Now with the box finished and glued into place, my baskets are done.

The only other items I included in the design are two fake bunnies bought at Michaels half off, and a Polly Pocket spring hat. The whole set up is complete, shippable, and able to be set up to your heart’s desire. Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I look forward to making more holiday items. Happy Easter.