I have been so busy recently making a new beach fairy garden for a commission that I feel I have been quite neglectful to my young blog. Although, last night I worked on a polymer clay miniature and knew I had to record my creation on here as the beginning to my polymer clay portfolio.

My little inedible sandwich otherwise known as my friend.

I love learning new skills with every fairy garden. The first time I did fake water was a hassle but now I enjoy including it into different designs. Now I tried my hand at a full-on polymer clay sandwich. I have once before made a donut out of clay, but I feel like this is my real first as I bloom into a journey of clay minis. I decided I had to make a snack for the upcoming fairy garden and what better way than to sculpt it myself. I have been watching too many Instagram videos of polymer clay makers constructing wonderful creations so I decided it was time to break out my year old clay (yeah I know it’s sad how long it has taken to create something) and get cracking.

I have many different colors of clay that I got for Christmas many years ago and they are never hardening clay. Yes, I am living a risky life of creating and not cementing, but it will be secure in a tiny plastic baggy so I’m not going to worry too much. I started with a white piece and rolled it out on my table. I do not really have any special tools yet for creation so I used a paint bottle as a rolling pin, tweezers to help hold tiny pieces, and x-acto knives for cutting and detailing. I cut out a square of the white piece of clay and turned that into two triangles to be the bread slices. I then took a light tan color and after rolling, cut two small stripes to apply to the bread sides to look like a crust. I noticed that may plastic table was slighty textured and this softened the look of the white bread. Texturing is a wonderful way to add depth to clay and I tried my best to make sure everything was consisten with real life.

I then rolled out some green clay to create lettuce and noticed that the clay can really stain your white craft table. A good tip to not make my mistake again is to do your work on a stain-able surface like a sheet of cardboard. For the lettuce, I wanted more rounded edges so instead of cutting with an x-acto knife, I pulled the sheet of green apart. To get that texture on my lettuce I used the bumpy ridges of my x-acto knife handle going in different directions and not fully coving the slice. I created two sclices and layered them on top of each other on the first slice of bread.

Now for the tomatoes. These are probably my least favorite part because I did not feel like I textured them correctly to make them look like tomatoes, but they are hidden inside the sandwich so all is okay. I used red clay and rolled these out thicker than the lettuce. To cut them out I used an odd little scrap of dried glue that had the perfect circular center from drying in the glue bottle’s cap. I understand this really is not a helpful tip because who is just going to have that laying around? But I digress. I also made two and used an x-acto knife to indent the middles.

The cheese was my first time mixing clays to achieve a new color. I had too bright of a yellow and decided to tone it down with a tan to look more like real cheese. I was a little worried at first that the clay would not mix but with some trust in the process I saw it through and could not be happier. I went for a smooth finish on the cheese and put it on the other slice of bread to balance out the creation.

Finally, ham. I used again the mixing clay technique to calm down a vibrant pink and I loved the result. For the ham I rolled it out smooth and thin. For making the slices I tore them apart with my fingers and smoothed out edges. I tried to play the ham with more movement and curves even making it hang out the back a little. This was probably my favorite placement and on top of the cheese it went.

I adored creating this and cannot wait to make more creations esecially food. I am already trying to figure out ways to include more clay foods into my fairy designs. Every fairy needs a snack and I’m happy to provide one with my new clay skills instead of buying miniatures. Who knows what I will make next, but I am really feeling like a cake.