Yes, it is technically a week after Valentines Day so maybe I haven’t gotten down this whole writing posts on time thing, but I am still such a new blogger that I as my one one fan will forgive myself for my tardiness. I’m joking. Anyway these are some old crafts I made a while back and realized just now that they have a perfect Valentines Day vibe. String Art is really such a fun activity and not hard to do at all. It doesn’t cost that much and it really only takes a hammer and an open day.

My first piece mad many years ago was this string heart. It is quite basic with not much intricacies and I didn’t even do the hammer work for it. I was introduced to string art by this craft at a friend’s party and fell so much in love with it that it only took my several years more to make another one. I wasn’t doing much crafting back then so it’s understandable. String art is a great way to make your own holiday decorations. I have seen a lot of string art in stores for Christmas, so I think it would be a great idea to make a piece for each holiday. A tree for Christmas, pumpkin for Halloween, turkey for Thanksgiving, an egg for Easter, and a heart for Valentines Day. Feel free to get more creative with the shapes, but I just thought it would be a great seasonal creation.

Last summer I made these mason jar and flowers wall art for my bathroom as a decoration. To start, you will need to collect the supplies to make these beauties. I picked out two wooden plaques for about $5 each, black paint for a dollar, a kit to add hanging wire to the back of the plaques, silver string, and of course flowers. all from Hobby Lobby. The nails I got for cheap at Home Depot and one packet provides a lot of nails so you will have enough for many projects to come. The flowers were the most expensive part of my buy especially since florals weren’t on sale when I bought them. Yes, I know rookie mistake. I bought two types of flowers that represented my bathroom color scheme. The roses go perfectly with Valentines Day and I only had to buy one stock to get two roses. For the pink flowers, I had to buy two pieces to have enough flowers. Overall, the whole project cost me in the $35 range.

Once you have painted you plaques, you are going to want to figure out what type of vase you want to make out of the string to display your flowers. I went with the classic mason jar design, but really anything will work. A cool idea would be to make a thin vase and put a single flower in it. Anyway, you will want to find a side drawing picture of your vase online or draw one out yourself. This will be your guide for where to put the nails. Once you have this picture you will want to line it up with your plaque and figure out where to put the nails. I recommend putting the nails every inch or so to have a consistent design. Mark with a pen onto the printed out design of your vase where you will be hammering in nails. Then line your page up on the plaque, get your hammer, and sink in your first nail. Continue doing this all around your design.

When you are done hammering you can begin stringing. To start this process, pick a starting nail and tie your string around it, for this will be your anchor. Then go outline the shape of your jar. I outlined on each side of the nails for the jar so I got a nice thick line for the edging. When done with that you can just go buck wild in the middle. Another cool idea for the middle would be to use a blue colored string to make a water design if you wanted to get crazy. After the stringing, you will then trim and place your flowers. When everything is nicely arranged than you are completely done and within one day you would have some beautiful pieces of wall art.

String art has lots of possibilities and I strongly recommend trying it out with different designs or just looking it up on Pinterest in a quiet moment. Happy late Valentines Day and hopefully you will fall in love with this string art just like me. In the future I hope to make much more and I even have some new fake flowers from Michaels that I got on sale for half off.